Farewell Romania

We moved back home 4 days ago, but as soon as we landed we entered in quarantine. 
So it doesn't really feel like home yet, plus I got a lot of time to think....
It seems to me that, when a person tastes different countries, each place leaves something in his heart. Looking at the journey I've done until now, every country symbolizes something meaningful in my life path:
Argentina is freedom
Brazil is love
Russia means becoming mature
Israel is home and Romania..... 
Well, Romania has taught me another kind of motherhood and for that I will always be grateful.
These past three years in Romania were simply amazing for our family. Romania is beautiful, she has an interesting history, honor to traditional arts and nature, great food and most importantly, warm caring people.
We will always cherish the memories and the true friendships we made during this period.
Thank you dear friends and la revedere Romania!


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