5 concept restaurants to sort out your crave in Bucharest

Holiday season has come. 
With the holidays came the snow, the wind and the frost. In other words, it's cold outside!
And when it's cold outside, well... I get hungry.... and really weird food cravings.
Lucky me - I live in Bucharest, that easily satisfies these winter cravings I have.

Allow me to introduce you to the 5 concept restaurants to sort out your crave in Bucharest

1.  Unicorn Coffee 

Three Romanian friends, decided to leave the fashion world and open this beautiful pastel colored coffee place, Inspired by the famous Unicorn coffee in Bangkok.
They offer good coffee, great hot chocolate and super colorful deserts, alongside a painting corner for kids with art unicorn atelier and a small shop where you can buy all sort of Unicorn accessories.
This place is cool for a wintry girls night out, for kids birthday celebration and for a romantic colorful escape.
Unicorn Coffee and more - Press here to enter their site

Last but not least, during December 2018 and January 2019, you can get a discount by showing this Blogpost on your arrivle.

2.  Hot soup - Ciorbarie Titulescu

I already recommended this place in previous posts, because it is SO good. 
It is a small chain with 5 spots around town, my preferred one is close to the Antipa museum, where they have beautiful wooden rustic tables to sit around. 
Andy, the owner told me that all the chicken and meat products are bought from an especial organic farm in Moldova. The menu changes every week, depending on the fresh products they get in the market. Try to go on a week they serve their amazing "Gulash" soup. It's the best!
Ciorbarie Titulescu - Press here to enter their site

Last but not least, during December 2018 and January 2019, you can get free bread, peppers and sour cream, showing this Blogpost on your arrivle.

3. Cupcake place

A small place, with two tables, serves amazing beautiful cupcakes, all made by the nice owner. 
The cupcakes come in a nice variety of cream flavors and serves good coffee. Some of the decorated cupcakes, last 3 hours of preparation!!
Of course you can make an order for events and just stop by to pick them up.
Located right next to the Ciorbarie soup place, so it's perfect as desert after the healthy meal.
Cupcake Philosophy - press here to enter their site

4. Eclairs

Sometimes I am so cold here, that all I can think of is a sweet creamy Eclair. I certainly crave these ones here, once I tried them. This shiny clean place serves only Eclairs and coffee. Nothing else, and they know their job... the Eclairs are served in so many flavors and tastes that you will just have to eat several. They are just amazing! Believe me, you won't regret this visit.
French Revolution - press here to enter their site

5. Cereals

If you crave a big bowl of cereals, this is the place for you to go. A super cool hipster cafe, that serves many kinds of Cereals, and in many I mean MANY. most of them brought from outside of Romania. you can have your cereal with marshmallows', peanut butter, chocolates and etc. You also get to choose the color of your milk milk! Located close to the palace of the parliament, so it's nice to combine them with a touristic tour.
Cereal crunch cafe - Press here to enter their site

I hope this list will help you to sort out your winter craves. Enjoy!

One last thing:
This month in Israel, blogers were called to tell about NGOs' they like.
I would like to write about a new Romanian NGO called "Acces Natura" and their first project that was launched in November,  Nature is for all.
The idea is to help everybody and everyone that desires to get outside and hike the beautiful Romanian nature. Focusing on disablaed population and their needs.

This NGO offers special wheelchairs adapted to nature hikes. They have guides for the trips, maps and volunteers to go with you outdoors. The trips will be in different landscapes mountains, forests and hills.
The trips will be free of charge and also the special wheelchairs will be available free of charge for others NGOs or individuals/ families to use them outside or trips.

They are collecting money in order to buy the  special wheelchairs, each cost 3290 eur. If you want to read more and can donate to this beautiful project please enter: 



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